Chapter 19: She 

Chapter 22: What Do You Yearn For?

Verge: Defiant

Monash University Publishing.



Water Under the Bridge Anthology

Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition

Hawkeye Publishing.



Ibtisam Shahbaz

Belonging Magazine.


"The Seasons That Call Us"

Four Seasons Anthology.

Short Stories Unlimited.


"The Rising"

Mind Matters Student Art Exhibition

Deakin University.



Burrow Literary Journal

Old Water Rat Publishing.



Summer Issue 3.2

Concision Poetry Journal.


"The Rising"

Storming the City Anthology: Stormy Weather

Writers Victoria.


"P is for Prose"

Ibtisam Shahbaz

BarBar Literary Magazine


"The Rising"

Ibtisam Shahbaz

Belonging Magazine.



Jacaranda Edition 11.1: Exposed Roots

Jacaranda Journal

(Releasing July 2024)


"Begin Again"

Short Story Anthology #8

Running Wild Publishing.

(Releasing 2025)