Stormy Weather Anthology Launch

Stormy Weather Anthology Launch

Delighted to be a part of the launch of Stormy Weather, the third Storming the City Anthology. Supported by Writers Victoria, the launch occurred at Kathleen Syme Library along with the work of this year's Storming the City writers, including:

  • Julie Dickson
  • Arty Owens
  • Ibtisam Shahbaz
  • Jenny Hedley
  • Laura Pettenuzzo
  • Liel Bridgford
  • Willa
  • Zoe Simmons

These writers have come together to share their work, develop their writing skills and build creative and social connectedness in the City of Melbourne. 

This anthology contains some of the writing that came out of the Storming the City writing groups. It shows the diversity of the authors and their lived experience, the intersections of many facets of identity, such as illness, gender or motherhood. A truly scintillating read by emerging writers of today.

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